Washington, D.C. also known as Washington and formally the District of Columbia, was the capital of the United States of America and served as the seat of the country's national government.


In 1973, during the final phase of the Vietnam War. Bill Randa, a Monarch official, was present in Washington to convince U.S Senator Ellis to lead an expedition to the recently discovered Skull Island.

In 2019, protests were held in the streets of Washington to call for the extermination of Titans and demands that Monarch be held accountable for the Attacks of 2014. Monarch members were also present for hearing at a Senate meeting to debate on the Titans.

Sometime after he proclaimed himself the Alpha and gained control over the Titans, King Ghidorah formed a roost in Washington, D.C. leaving the city in ruins and severely flooded. The U.S military and Navy were seen fighting King Ghidorah and Rodan above Washington. However, their efforts were vain as Rodan destroyed most of their ships while he was defending Ghidorah against the military.

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