Toby Kebbell
Name: Tobias Alistair Patrick Kebbell
Age: 38
Birthdate: July 9, 1982
Birthplace: Pontefract, West Yorkshire,
United Kingdom
Role: Jack Chapman

Tobias Alistair Patrick "Toby" Kebbell (born July 9, 1982) is a British stage and film actor, he is known for his roles in films such as Dead Man's Shoes (2004), RocknRolla (2008), War Horse (2011), Wrath of the Titans (2012), Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014), Fantastic Four (2015), Warcraft and A Monster Calls (both 2016). He is also known for his work in the Black Mirror episode, "The Entire History of You". His upcoming films include Gold (2016) and the second film of the MonsterVerse film series, Kong: Skull Island, set for release in 2017.

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Toby Kebbell has appeared as Jack Chapman in one film of the MonsterVerse franchise.


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