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Titanus Gojira were a prehistoric super-species of gargantuan & amphibious dinosaurian or reptilian Titans that evolved during the Permian era of Earth's history. The species were the alpha predators of an ancient, forgotten ecosystem of Titans and kept balance by preventing other Titan species from overrunning the planet. They were bipedal, walking on two pillar-like legs ending in broad, clawed feet. They also possessed two short, clawed forelimbs with grasping fingers. Their heads were short and robust, and contained jaws filled with dozens of bone-crushing teeth. Most notably, members of the species possessed dozens of jagged, bioluminescent dorsal plates, which could glow a vibrant blue color as an intimidation display. Their tails were long and pointed, and made up more than half of their body length. Their skin was rough and leathery, much like that of a crocodile.

Though powerful and numerous, the species has been driven to the doorstep of extinction by the MUTOs, a species of parasitic Titans that prey almost exclusively on the Titanus Gojira species. Titanus Gojira may have also displayed sexual dimorphism much like in some species of crocodiles with the male being larger than the female. An average male Gojira stands 355 feet tall, 550 feet from head to tail and weighs 90,000 tons while females are about 55 feet smaller and about 75 feet shorter. Godzilla stands at about 393 feet tall, 582 feet long and weighs 99,634 tons making him the largest living member of the Titanus Gojira species. Godzilla is considered to be the last of his kind after Dagon, the only other known Gojira specimen, was killed by a MUTO Prime. There could be a chance that another Gojira specimen that may not have been discovered. There might also be a good chance this Gojira could be female and could be a suitable mating partner for Godzilla.


Ancient Times[]

Millions of years ago, the Gojira species evolved in the Hollow Earth and were one of the most powerful super-species at that time. However, they soon engaged in direct warfare against the Titanus Kong members, an intelligent ape super species that also evolved in the Hollow Earth and were worshipped by the Iwi people. The war lasted for centuries for dominance of the Hollow Earth until the war likely ended in the favor for the Gojira species, resulting in the remaining Titanus Kong members migrating to Skull Island.

After the war, several Gojira members made their way to the surface world and were witnessed by several early human civilizations. However, the Gojiras on the surface were almost all wiped out by the MUTO's, a parasitic species on Titans that preyed almost exclusively on the Gojiras to spawn their own offsprings. One member of the Gojiras, Dagon, was witnessed by fighting against a MUTO Prime by early humans but was slain to spawn two MUTO's that would be born much later in 2014.

Much later, it is likely that the Gojira species is now critically endangered, with Godzilla being the only known survivor and remained in hibernation for many centuries.

Modern Times[]

After centuries of dormancy, Godzilla was awakened at the dawn of the Atomic Age. He was eventually discovered and Monarch was founded in secret to study and if necessary destroy creatures like him after the destruction or disappearance of many Soviet and American warships alike and to prevent mass panic among the public. Therefore, Monarch collaborated with the U.S Navy on several occasion to track Godzilla and eventually lured him to Bikini Atoll in 1954 to kill him with an atomic bomb. However, unbeknownst to anyone, the attempt failed and Godzilla disappeared shortly afterwards. The bombing was publicized as the Castle Bravo test.

Godzilla vs. Kong[]

There is said to be a skeleton of another Gojira specimen in the Hollow Earth much larger than even Godzilla’s skeleton and with a skull much larger than Kong’s. Typical Gojira specimens have smaller head’s than a Kong specimen of the same size so it is unknown how this deceased individual grew to such massive proportions.