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The Titans, formerly known as M.U.T.O. (Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organisms), are various different super-species that once dominated the Earth long before humanity. They are in charge of maintaining balance and healing Earth's environments and ecosystems. However, some, such as King Ghidorah are more aggressive and seek to threaten humanity and dominate.


Ancient Times[]

Millions of years ago, the Titans were numerous different super-species that dwelled in the Hollow Earth or thrived in Earth's prehistoric ecosystems, with some going as far back as the Permian Period. Some Titans had even established rivalries with each other. The most notable being with Godzilla, the MUTOsKing Ghidorah, Kong, and the Skull Crawlers.

Kong's species engaged in a war with that of Godzilla's species. Most notably, one of Kong's kind was able to craft an axe with the dorsal plates of one of Godzilla's kind. This axe would later be used by Kong, who is the last known member of his species and the former King of Skull Island.

Soon after, Kong's species emerged on Skull Island, which they ruled for a long time. However, the rivalry with Kong's species and the Skull Crawlers occurred for centuries, with massive casualties on both sides. However Kong's species became endangered until only Kong himself remained as the sole survivor, as his parents were killed by Ramarak: the alpha Skull Crawler.

The rivalry with Godzilla and the MUTOs also caused his species to become critically endangered until only Dagon and Godzilla were left (though the former was killed by a MUTO Prime). The MUTOs themselves were nearly wiped out until MUTO Prime killed Dagon to give birth to two more MUTOs that would be born in centuries later in 2014.

Some Titans were witnessed by early human civilizations and were worshipped, respected or feared by them as shown in ancient cave paintings later discovered by Monarch centuries later. Mothra was worshipped as a goddess due to her benevolent nature while King Ghidorah's legacy was feared with many ancient cultures refusing to mention his existence. Kong and his species were also worshipped by the Iwi: a tribe that migrated to Skull Island many centuries ago.

The Titans had also influenced mythological figures and creatures. An example being King Ghidorah who was believed to have influenced the Hydra. Another being the Titan Scylla, who was based off Greek legend. By the modern age, most of the Titan super-species had become nearly extinct. However, at least one member of several dominant species survived and were rendered dormant for centuries, though the creatures on Skull Island wandered freely.

Modern Age[]

In 1946, Monarch was founded under President Harry S. Truman to study them and keep their existence a secret to a public by working with the military to hunt and eradicate them under the orders of the world's governments to prevent disorder or tragic attacks. They covered this by using their attacks under the guise of bomb testing or for research purposes.

In 1973, Skull Island was discovered by Monarch with many prehistoric creatures being discovered on the island which gave proof that ancient creatures were still active.

The existence of the Titans was finally unveiled in 2014 when two MUTOs and Godzilla fought in Honolulu which would also lead to the Attacks of 2014 in Las Vegas and San Francisco.

The Attacks of 2019 would also be a turning point for Titans and humanity as King Ghidorah was awakened in Antarctica and sought to terraform the Earth like when he first arrived during the planet's prehistoric era. After several clashes with Godzilla, he was finally defeated during their battle in Boston, allowing Godzilla to render the Titans docile and heal the Earth's ecosystems.

Five years after the Titan Uprising and the Battle of Boston, many of the Titans had likely went into hibernation again, with only Godzilla and Kong being the only two Titans active on the surface. As depicted in legend, two Titans would eventually collide in battle, re-instigating the centuries-long war between the two super-species. However, the two went in an unexpected alliance after the threat posed by MechaGodzilla, a gigantic Titan-killing robot who was possessed by King Ghidorah. After a lengthy battle in Hong Kong, Kong and Godzilla worked together to destroy MechaGodzilla, putting the war between their two species to rest.


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  • Vinestrangler
  • Giant Turtle


  • Unidentified snake
  • Giant carnivorous plants
  • Holy Tiger
  • Giant Wasp
  • Kraken
  • Margygr


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