Titanus Rodan are a prehistoric super-species of flying reptilian Titans from the same era and ecosystem as Godzilla. The species heavily resembles Pterosaurs, though they don't seem to be directly related to them. The species evolved volcanic and rock-like characteristics as a form of camouflage, allowing them to lie hidden against rock formations and volcanoes, while also adapting pyrokinetic abilities in the process. The species shared many similarities with birds of prey, such as a bird-like head armed with a massive, serrated beak, and talons capable of grasping. Their heads were adorned with a crest of two bony horns that grew backwards. Their wings were extensions of their forelimbs, and they could be folded when standing or walking.

One member of the species simply dubbed Rodan was discovered by Monarch hibernating within a volcano on Isla de Mara, Mexico. This particular individual was awakened by Dr. Emma Russell and proceeded to lay waste to a nearby city, as well as annihilate an entire squadron of jets before being subdued by King Ghidorah. The individual, simply dubbed Rodan, survived and bowed to Ghidorah as his alpha. Rodan would go on to help Ghidorah destroy Washington, D.C, before further assisting his alpha in fighting Godzilla and Mothra in Boston. Ultimately, Ghidorah was defeated by Godzilla, and Rodan submitted to the lizard soon after.

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