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Ramarak, also dubbed as the "The Big One" was an adult Skull Crawler who was the alpha of the Skull Crawlers and the first main rival of Kong.

He served as the main antagonist of 2017's Kong: Skull Island.


Ancient Times[]

Ramarak had grown to be the largest of the Skull Crawlers on Skull Island. For centuries, the war between Kong's species and the Skull Crawlers raged on until the ape super species were driven to the brink of extinction. Kong's parents engaged Ramarak in battle but were brutally slaughtered by Ramarak. This tragedy would lead to Kong having to fend for himself over the next decades an take the responsibility of subduing the Skull Crawler population into his own hands. Sometime after the demise of Kong's parents, Ramarak was rendered dormant. Ramarak was also able to deliver a bite force of 1400 newtons.

Ramarak had gained a feared reputation by the Iwi people. According to Iwi legend, Ramarak would awaken and doom Skull Island should Kong die an untimely death. However, the legend would be proved wrong.

20th Century[]

Mission: Skull[]

in 1973, during the first Monarch expedition to Skull Island, Ramarak took advantage of Kong's weakened state at the hands of Preston Packard and awakened with a screech. He initially had his attention on Packard, but Kong crushed Packard to death with his fist. Ramarak engaged Kong in battle for a brief moment before deciding to pursue the remaining humans. When Cole attempted to sacrifice himself in an attempt to kill Ramarak and allow the group to escape, Ramarak wasn't fooled and swiped Cole into a cliff with his tail, killing him. Kong appeared shortly afterward and engaged Ramarak. As the two fought to the death. Ramarak was able to subdue Kong as Kong was tangled in chains from numerous shipwrecks. Before Ramarak could kill him, Mason Weaver launched a flare at Ramarak left eye, blinding him slightly. As the other humans stalled Ramarak, Kong recovered and used a propeller as a weapon to overpower Ramarak before slicing his throat open, seemingly killing him. However, Ramarak wasn't killed and wrapped his tongue around Kong's arm in an attempt to devour Weaver, but Kong ripped out Ramarak's tongue and internal organs, killing Ramarak for good and avenging his parents.