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Mason Weaver
Basic Information
Status: Alive
Nationality: American
Affiliation: Monarch
Profession: Anti-War Photographer (formerly)
Family Information
Played by: Brie Larson
Appears in: Kong: Skull Island

Mason Weaver was an anti-war photographer during the Vietnam War. She was recruited by Monarch official Bill Randa to the Mission: Skull expedition to Skull Island.


Early Life and Career[]

When she was at the age of 6, Mason picked up her first camera. Her father was a demanding but well-meaning man who loved her despite being unconsciously emotionally abusive to her. According to Mason, her father ran their home like a "benevolent dictatorship," but by the time Mason was old enough to realize the damage her father's controlling actions could do to her, it was too late. He died when she was 16, and she felt like a ghost during his funeral as none of the mourners during the wake at her house saw her go from room to room seeking comfort that wouldn't come since she was an only child.

Six months after her father's death, Mason went off to college, but ever since her father passed away, Mason has been searching for a thing and place that she couldn't find. She would only feel close to finding them when looking through a camera. Over the years, as she worked on assignments as an independent contractor, Weaver helped expose many institutional lies and built a reputation as an "anti-war" photographer. During the Vietnam War, she spent two years in the country embedded with the Command & Control South detachment of MACV-SOG in Ban Me Thuot.

Behind the Scenes[]