MUTO 2 also known as Femuto was a female MUTO who fought against Godzilla.

History[edit | edit source]

Godzilla[edit | edit source]

In 1999, Femuto was accidentally discovered as a dormant spore within the depths of a strip mine in The Philippines. Having been incubating within the fossilized remains of Dagon, a member of Godzilla's species, for thousands of years, Femuto remained dormant in her spore while a second spore hatched and the larva headed for the ocean. Femuto's spore was removed and stored in a nuclear waste bunker in Nevada, as Monarch thought it would never hatch.

Attacks of 2014[edit | edit source]

More than a decade later in 2014, Femuto broke free from the bunker as a fully-grown adult, having been feeding off of the nuclear waste stored in the bunker. Upon breaking free, Femuto began exchanging mating calls with MUTO 1/Hokmuto, a male MUTO and also her sibling. The two parasites began making their way to each other. While traveling, Femuto rampaged through Las Vegas, destroying the entire city by simply walking through.

Continuing to travel, Femuto attacked an army train carrying warheads meant to destroy her, Hokmuto and Godzilla. She ate the majority of the warheads before continuing towards San Francisco.

Femuto arrives in San Francisco and meets up with the male. The two parasites have an affectionate courtship ritual, in which the male offers Femuto a stolen warhead as a nuptial gift. Femuto takes the warhead and begins constructing a nest while the male flies off to distract Godzilla and buy her time.

By nightfall, Femuto has completed the nest and begins laying hundreds of eggs around the warhead, using its nuclear energy to feed the developing eggs. Godzilla closes in on the nest, causing Femuto to charge out at him, though she is grappled and pushed backwards. Godzilla pushes Femuto into downtown and kicks her to the ground. Before he can kill her, the male MUTO, Hokmuto, reappears to defend his mate. The two parasites then double-team Godzilla, beating down the Titan and nearly killing him until the site of an explosion in their nest causes both of the Titans to abandon the battle. Femuto rushes to the nest and leans in to check for her eggs, which have all been thoroughly incinerated via a gas leak caused by Ford Brody. Femuto bellows in grief and desperately searches the nest for surviving eggs, and upon spotting a wounded Ford Brody, her grief turns into rage. Before she can act further, Godzilla recovers and blasts her with his atomic breath, temporarily rendering her unconscious.

Femuto awakens minutes later and begins chasing down the strike team that had infiltrated her nest and stolen the warhead. She reaches the docks and begins killing the soldiers, who were trying to load the warhead onto a boat and send it off to sea. Ford Brody manages to start a boat and begins sailing off with the warhead, but Femuto's natural EMP disables the boat. The parasite looms over Ford, recognizing him from earlier, and prepares to kill him. Suddenly, she is bitten on the shoulder by Godzilla, who pulls her back. He pries her jaws open and fires his atomic breath down her throat, decapitating her head from her body and killing her instantly. Femuto's headless corpse collapses into the harbor and sinks beneath the waves as Godzilla roars triumphantly.

Femuto's remains were later retrieved by Monarch and brought to Castle Bravo, where they are dissected and studied in order to better understand the species' biology.

In Godzilla: Aftershock, Dr. Emma Russell reveals that Femuto's ovaries were dissected and that they still contained hundreds of eggs upon her death, and had she been allowed to lay them, a catastrophic amount of MUTOs would have been released into the world and caused a global extinction.

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