MUTO 1 also known as Hokmuto was a male MUTO who fought against Godzilla.

History[edit | edit source]

Godzilla[edit | edit source]

In 1999, Hokmuto was accidentally discovered as a larva within the depths of a strip mine in The Philippines. Having been incubating within the fossilized remains of Dagon, a member of Godzilla's species, for thousands of years, Hokmuto broke free from the mine and headed for the ocean. Hokmuto traveled to Janjira, Japan, and latched onto the reactors of a nuclear power plant, sealing himself in a cocoon and feeding off of the nuclear energy. Hokmuto's attack on the power plant caused the city of Janjira to be abandoned, and a Monarch outpost to be established in the ruins of the power plant. While attacking the power plant, Hokmuto inadvertently caused the death of Sandra Brody, the mother to Ford Brody.

Attacks of 2014[edit | edit source]

More than a decade later in 2014, Hokmuto has finished feeding off of the nuclear reactors and begins to hatch from his cocoon. To prevent the destruction of the facility, Monarch scientists attempt to stop Hokmuto with electrical pulses before he can hatch, but this fails. Hokmuto bursts free from his cocoon, breaks free of containment, and flies away. While escaping, Hokmuto caused the death of Ford Brody's father.

Hokmuto later attacks a Russian nuclear submarine near Hawaii and drags it onto land to feed on its nuclear payload. The U.S. military finds Hokmuto feeding on the submarines nukes and prepares to attack, but Hokmuto releases a massive EMP wave from his claw, disabling all the jets attacking him. The EMP reaches as far as Honolulu, causing the city to blackout. Hokmuto traverses through Honolulu International Airport, and is engaged by the military once again. Godzilla rises from the ocean to face Hokmuto, and the two Titans exchange roars and threat displays, though Godzilla's is arguably much more impressive. The two have a very brief fight before Hokmuto retreats and flies out over the ocean, with Godzilla in hot pursuit.

Monarch soon begins to notice that Hokmuto is using echolocation to communicate with something over long distances. The world is shocked by the appearance of a second, larger, wingless MUTO that emerged in Nevada. Monarch quickly realizes that this is the second MUTO spore that was found in Dagon's remains, though it was believed to be dormant and stored away. Dr. Serizawa deduces that this second, larger MUTO is a female, and that Hokmuto is releasing mating calls to attract her.

Hokmuto is lured to San Francisco by the U.S. military and attacks a naval ship carrying a warhead. After claiming the warhead, Hokmuto flies to San Francisco's China Town and meets up with the female. The two parasites have an affectionate courtship ritual, in which Hokmuto offers the stolen warhead to the female as a nuptial gift. The female begins building a nest while Hokmuto flies off to distract Godzilla, who had broken through the Golden Gate Bridge and into downtown.

Hokmuto fights Godzilla for several hours by himself as the female lays her eggs around the warhead, using its nuclear energy to feed the developing eggs. Hokmuto briefly retreats, and Godzilla manages to reach the nest. The female charges out to fight Godzilla head on, though she is brutally grappled and bitten by the latter. Hokmuto quickly reappears and, together, he and his mate overpower Godzilla and begins to relentlessly beat the Titan. Meanwhile, a small strike team manages to sneak into the MUTO nest, reclaiming the warhead and destroying the eggs via explosives. The site of an explosion in their nest causes both Hokmuto and the female to abandon the fight and rush over to the nest. This distraction gives Godzilla enough time to recover and blast his atomic breath at the female, who is incapacitated by the Titan's flames. Hokmuto attacks Godzilla head on, grappling the larger Titan and biting at his sensitive gills. Godzilla throws Hokmuto off, and the parasite circles back around for another attack. However, Godzilla manages to land a devastating blow on Hokmuto with his tail, impaling the parasitic Titan on a building. Impaled by several massive chunks of debris and struck so hard by Godzilla's tail that one of his claws falls off, Hokmuto dies on the side of the building.

Hokmuto's remains are later retrieved by Monarch and brought to Castle Bravo, where his corpse is dissected and studied by Monarch scientists to better understand the species' biology.

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