Titanus Kong are a species of massive, prehistoric ape Titans that evolved on Skull Island. Analysis by Monarch shows that the species shares a common ancestry with apes, but branched off millions of years ago and evolved to titanic sizes. Unusual in apes, the species walked upright instead of knuckle-walking, giving them a humanoid appearance. Their legs were short in comparison to their bodies and ended in flat, wide feet. Their arms, however, were incredibly long and muscular, ending in massive hands with five digits, including opposable thumbs. Their skulls were most similar to that of Gorillas. Their fur came in a wide variety of dark colors, with black, gray, brown, and reddish-brown being observed. Based on the appearance of Kong's parents, the species exhibited some examples of sexual dimorphism. Males appeared to be slightly larger, leaner, and possessed a sagittal crest. Females were slightly smaller, possessed mammarys, and had a more rotund shape.

The last known member of the species is an individual dubbed Kong, who patrols the island and actively hunts the creatures responsible for the extinction of his species: the Skull Crawlers.

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