Titanus Ghidorah are a super-species of massive, extraterrestrial dragon-like Titans. The species is considered invasive, and a single individual can seemingly destroy and entire planet on its own. The species resembled that of a hydra, with 3 heads, golden scales, two spiked tails, and massive bat-like wings that could be folded and used as forelimbs. Each of the 3 heads on a single specimen has its own personality and unique set of horns, though the middle head is considered to be the dominant one that controls the body. The 3 heads work in unison to defeat opponents and conquer planets, making the species highly efficient and deadly. A shocking ability of the species is the ability to rapidly regenerate, entire heads included, making members of the species incredibly resilient and hard to kill.

An individual of the species, known simply as King Ghidorah, invaded Earth during the planet's primordial ages and competed with Godzilla for dominance. He was defeated and frozen under hundreds of feet of ice for thousands of years, until he was awakened by eco-terrorists in the year 2019. He was ultimately slain by Godzilla during the Battle of Boston.

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