Hank Marlow
Hank Marlow.jpg
Basic Information
Status: Alive
Birthplace: United States
Nationality: Flag of the United States.png American
Residence(s): Chicago
Affiliation: United States Air Force
Rank: Lieutenant
Battles/wars: World War II
Family Information
Played by: John C. Reilly
Will Brittain (young)
First appearance: Kong: Skull Island
Appears in: 1 film, 1 book

Hank Marlow is a United States Air Force officer who fought in the Second World War.


In 1944, young Hank Marlow was drafted into the U.S. Air Force during World War II. He was assigned to the Pacific Coast to fight the armies of Japan where during a recon mission he entered in a aerial dogfight with Japanese pilot, Ikari Gunpei. Both crashed landed on the mysterious Skull Island and young Marlow was chased by Gunpei into the island’s jungle before stopping at a cliff. With no way out, Marlow fought Gunpei but he was easily overpowered and Gunpei began chocking and staring right at Marlow in the eye. Just then giant furry hands came up to the cliff and Gunpei immediately let go of Marlow as both stared with fear of a giant 70 ft ape looking down at them. The film camera moves into the giant ape right eye who sees Marlow in his pupil then Marlow looks straight at the audience and you look into Marlow’s right eye and his pupil turns into a firey ring.

At some point in time, he and Gunpei put their differences aside and became friends. They were granted asylum by the Iwi people and used the wreckage of their planes to create a makeshift boat in hope of an eventual departure off the island. However, Gunpei was soon killed by a Skull Crawler, much to Marlow's dismay. He kept Gunpei's sword as a keepsake to remember his friend by and soon learned the Iwi's historical story of Kong; the ape whom he encountered during his fight with Gunpei.

In 1973, he would encounter during the 1973 Monarch Expedition. He told everyone to calm down and then happily said that he waited for this moment when the world came to him. He then told Weaver that she was more beautiful than a hot dog and a beer, while looking at his empty hands awkwardly before asking the group if they were real people.

Behind the Scenes

Hank Marlow was portrayed by John C. Reilly and Will Brittain (young) in Kong: Skull Island.


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