Titanus Gojira were a species of prehistoric amphibious reptilian Titans that evolved during the Permian era of Earth's history. The species were the alpha predators of an ancient, forgotten ecosystem of Titans and kept balance by preventing other Titan species from overrunning the planet. They were bipedal, walking on two pillar-like legs ending in broad, clawed feet. They also possessed two short, clawed forelimbs with grasping fingers. Their heads were short and robust, and contained jaws filled with dozens of bone-crushing teeth. Most notably, members of the species possessed dozens of jagged, bioluminescent dorsal plates, which could glow a vibrant blue color as an intimidation display. Their tails were long and pointed, and made up more than half of their body length. Their skin was rough and leathery, much like that of a crocodile. Though powerful and numerous, the species has been driven to the doorstep of extinction by the MUTOs, a species of parasitic Titans that prey almost exclusively on the Titanus Gojira species.

Godzilla is considered to be the last of his kind after Dagon, the only other known Gojira specimen, was killed by a MUTO Prime.

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