Godzilla (jp. ゴジラ Gojira)' 'is a giant prehistoric reptillian kaiju and the titular protagonist of the 2014 film, Godzilla (film). He is one of the Titans.


Godzilla: AwakeningEdit

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Kong: Skull IslandEdit

Godzilla appears in a Post-Credits Scene, alongside with King Ghidorah, Mothra, and Rodan in the form of Cave Paintings.

Godzilla (film)Edit

Godzilla is first shown at the start of the film, where it is shown that the American army tried to kill him with a hydrogen bomb in 1954 (it was later proven that he survived).

Years later in 2014, an age-old parasitic life form (called MUTOs) awoke that feed on Godzilla's species. Godzilla went to the surface and collided with the male MUTO but this flight quickly and Godzilla started the pursuit.

In the meantime, a female MUTO woke up and the soldiers drive a plan to kill all 3 monsters with a nuclear bomb. However, the female MUTO (whose species feed on radiation) intercepted the bombs and ate 2 of them, after which the third of the soldiers was stolen by the male MUTO who gave him to the female to serve as the foot for their unborn boy. Godzilla arrived at the Golden Gate Bridge and broke through it, after which he continued his way to San Francisco.

When he arrived in San Francisco, Godzilla was immediately confronted with the male MUTO and the 2 ended up in a decent fight. Godzilla finally shook the male off and went to the nest where he found the female. The 2 started to fight and Godzilla managed to push her quickly against the gravel but before he could kill her he was attacked by the male himself. The combined power of the 2 MUTOs managed to overwhelm the king of monsters, but when Ford Brody (a soldier in the army) blew up the MUTO's nest, they distracted the MUTOs long enough for Godzilla to get up and use his Atomic Breath to heavily weakening the female. The male attacked him again but Godzilla killed him with his tail. However, this caused a building to fall on him. As he collapsed, Godzilla caught a glimpse of Ford Brody. The building could not stop Godzilla for long and he got up and attacked the female MUTO from behind and killed her by firing his Atomic Breath down her throat. After this he fell tired of fighting down to San Francisco.

The next morning he woke up and walked the sea again while the people shouted for him. Godzilla disappeared under the waves but it would not be the last time people saw him.

Godzilla: King of the MonstersEdit

In Godzilla king of the monsters, it is said that after Godzilla's fight with the MUTOs, the world believes that all titans should be exterminated, although Monarch (the scientific organisation investigating the monsters) says that Godzilla is keeping the world in balance.

Godzilla himself appears for the first time in the beginning of the film showing that during the fight in San Francisco the son of Emma and Mark Russell: Andrew died. Five years later, Godzilla again felt that something was wrong. He swam close to the Castle Bravo Monarch facility where he lights up his dorsal plates to intimidate Monarch. However, he did not attack him, leaving him alone. Godzilla felt that something was wrong in Antarctica where he was going.

When he arrived there, a huge disaster had already occurred. Together with Emma Russell and her new invention: the ORCA, eco-terrorist Alan Jonah had woken up Godzilla's greatest opponent. The golden three-headed dragon King Ghidorah. Godzilla arrived just in time to stop Ghidorah from killing a Monarch team. Godzilla and King Ghidorah call in a fierce battle where it is quickly shown that Ghidorah is the stronger of the 2. After taking down Godzilla with his Gravity Beams, Ghidorah ascended and disappeared in a storm with Godzilla following him.

After Ghidorah had defeated the Fire Demon: Rodan and wanted the Argo to come down, Godzilla came out of the sea and Ghidorah went into the water. Although Ghidorah was previously the stronger one, this time Godzilla had the advantage that his opponent was not used to fighting in the water. Godzilla even managed to tear off 1 of Ghidorah's heads, but before a winner could be won, the military fired the Oxygen Destroyer (a weapon that destroys all the oxygen in the area) at 2. Although Ghidorah survived the weapon without any effect, it seemed that the Oxygen Destroyer had killed Godzilla. In the meantime, King Ghidorah allowed his missing head to grow all the way back, and with Godzilla's death he declared himself the new alpha and called on all the others to redeem the earths of the people.

Mothra the queen of monsters where Godzilla had suffered a symbiosis-like rellasion. Monarch to Godzilla who had survived the previous attack and now rests in an undersea temple. Because he could take years for Godzilla to be fully recovered, Monarch decided to have a nuclear bomb go off with him. Doctor Ishiro Serizawa personally brought the bomb to Godzilla, after which he put a hand on Godzilla's muzzle. Godzilla opened his eyes and looked at the man who gave his own life to restore him. When the bomb exploded it killed Serizawa but it made Godzilla stronger that ever before. He rose from the water and fired his Atomic Breath into the air. After this he saw Monarch submarine lying in front of him. He leaned forward and looked into Mark Russell's eyes after which he swam away to face neither King Ghidorah nor 1 last time.

Meanwhile, Emma's daughter: Madison had stolen the ORCA and used it to lure Ghidorah to Boston. Godzilla appeared just in time to save Madison from Ghidorah, after which he and The One Who is Many landed in a fight to the death. In the meantime, Monarch realized that Godzilla had absorbed too much energy and would explode with the power of an atomic bomb. It wasn't long before Mothra came to help Godzilla, but she was soon attacked by Rodan herself. Despite his new strength, Godzilla was never able to defeat Ghidorah even though they were now about the same strength. However, the tide turned when King Ghidorah saw an electrical transformer and used it to charge himself enough to shoot gravity beams from his wing tops. This seriously injured Godzilla, after which Ghidorah grabbed him with his tails, lifted him high into the air and dropped him there. Godzilla hit the ground with a heavy blow and lay there groaning with pain. Mothra, who had won her fight with Rodan, crawled onto Godzilla's body and shouted provocatively at Ghidorah. Mothra flew up to attack Ghidorah but the 3-headed devil blew her hell up with his Gravity Beams. Mothra's axes fell on Godzilla, causing a red glove to glide over his body.

King Ghidorah wrapped his 3 necks around Godzilla's body and began to absorb all his energy. Emma Russell, however, used the ORCA to suffer Ghidorah long enough for Godzilla to recover. This worked and Godzilla changed to Burning Godzilla, after which he returned to battle. He used Thermonuclear Pulses on Ghidorah and fires the dragon's body before going nuclear and exploding.

After the smoke had lifted, Godzilla appeared with King Ghidorah hanging his middle head out of his mouth. Godzilla burns the head completely with his Atomic Breath after which he is surrounded by Rodan, Scylla, Behemoth, Methuselah and a third MUTO. For a moment it seemed as if Rodan wanted to challenge Godzilla, but in the end The Fire Demon and all the others bowed to the alpha. Godzilla roared in the air, now he has regained his title as: king of the monster.

Godzilla vs. KongEdit

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Threat AnalysisEdit

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Behind the ScenesEdit

Godzilla was portrayed in Godzilla: Awakening and Godzilla.


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