Ford Brody
Ford Brody
Basic Information
Status: Alive
Nationality: Flag of the United States American
Affiliation: United States Navy
Rank: Lieutenant
Family Information
Father: Joe Brody (d. 2014)
Mother: Sandra Brody (d. 1999)
Marital status: Married
Spouse(s): Elle Brody
Sam Brody
Played by: Aaron Taylor-Johnson
CJ Adams (young)
First appearance: Godzilla
Appears in: 1 film, 1 book

Ford Brody is a United States Navy officer.


Early LifeEdit

Ford Brody was born to Joseph Brody and Sandra Brody. In 1999, he was studying abroad in Janjira, Japan while his parents were working at the power plant nearby. Sandra was killed by a radiation breach at the power plant.

United States Navy ServiceEdit

Behind the ScenesEdit

Ford Brody was portrayed by Aaron Taylor-Johnson and CJ Adams (young) in Godzilla.


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