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Earth is third planet from the Sun. It is the home planet of humanity and the Titans.


Ancient Times[]

Millenia ago, before the time of mankind, Earth was dominated by hundreds of super-species. Eventually, a meteor wiped out almost all life on Earth, including a majority of the Titans. However, some Titans survived and went into hibernation of the next few millennia until the arrival of mankind. Sometime in the distant past, King Ghidorah, an extraterrestrial three headed dragon arrived on the planet and attempted to destroy and terraform the planet by enslaving the Titans into doing his bidding. His reputation as an alpha caused him to clash with Godzilla and Mothra for supremacy over the Titans and the planet itself. He and Godzilla clashed for centuries until the former was defeated and sealed off in ice for millennia to come. At after that, the majority of the super-species died off or remained in hibernation, although some would remain on the surface. Kong's species were nearly driven to extinction by a race of subterranean apex predators known as Skull Crawlers.

By the time ancient humans evolved, some early civilizations witnessed the Titans and their ancient clashes as they were detailed in several cave paintings. Some of these civilizations even worshipped Titans, a notable example being the Iwi, a tribe that migrated to Skull Island and worshipped and super species of apes, notably Kong. However as time passed, these early civilizations eventually died out and the Titans became mere legends or myth by the later generations of humanity. As a result, later civilizations would have no knowledge of the existence of Titans or other ancient creatures on and they were said to be mere legends or myths. The legacy of the Titans also influenced several the mythologies of later human civilizations, a notable example being Scylla in Greek legend.

Modern Age[]

20th Century[]

The modern age would see the first few encounters of modern humans and Titans, particularly after World War II, the start of the Atomic Age, and the Cold War. In 1946, U.S. President Harry S. Truman founded Monarch, a secretive coalition between several world governments whose purpose is to study and if necessary destroy any Titans (formerly dubbed as Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organisms) to keep their existence a secret from the wider world and prevent mass panic or a potential disastrous attack on major populations. In the following decades to come, Monarch would continue to operate in secret from the public, providing numerous coverups surrounding the destruction of warships in the Pacific such as the USS Lawton. Monarch also used nuclear testing to their advantage to mask their agendas. In 1954, they worked with the United States Navy to lure and kill an apex predator called Godzilla under the guise of the Castle Bravo test at the Bikini Atoll. However, the attempt failed and Godzilla disappeared shortly afterwards.

In 1973, during the Vietnam War, Skull Island was discovered via satellite. This would mark Monarch's first expedition to the island to search for Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organisms. During the expedition, those who partook in it witnessed Kong and several other ancient creatures as well as the history of a war between Kong's species and the Skull Crawlers. They also encountered the Iwi people and Hank Marlow, a World War II pilot who crash landed on Skull Island in 1944. After assisting Kong in defeating the alpha Skull Crawler Ramarak. The surviving members were able to escape the island with their newfound knowledge.

In the years after the expedition, Monarch would discover several hidden Titans in hibernation and build containment sites around them to study them, all while operating in secret and hiding the Titans from the public. In 1999, a male MUTO caused a nuclear accident in Janjira, Japan. In the aftermath, Janjira was quarantined and abandoned where Monarch would study the MUTO in secret until its hatch in 2014.

21st Century[]

The 21st century would be a major turning point for humanity as the wider world would realize there were giant monsters active on the planet. In 2014, a containment failure resulted in the male MUTO breaking out of its confinement and being let loose onto the world. Though the incident was covered up as an earthquake, the existence of the Titans was about to revealed to the public through a series of devastating attacks and skirmishes.

Attacks of 2014[]

While a squadron of soldiers were tracking down a missing submarine in Hawaii, the male MUTO attacked them before attacking Honolulu International Airport. Godzilla was alerted to this and made landfall in Honolulu, inadvertently causing a tsunami and drowning many pedestrians on ground level before he confronted the male MUTO around the city as hundreds of people watched on. After the devastation in Honolulu, a female MUTO emerged and after hearing the mating call of the male MUTO, journey across the desert, rampaging through Las Vegas in the process. The two MUTOs eventually met up in San Francisco where they planned to reproduce. However, Godzilla soon arrived and confronted the two MUTOs while the military sought to kill all three monsters with a nuclear warhead, (which was stolen by the male MUTO and given to the female as a nuptial gift). As the three monsters battled throughout the city, Godzilla eventually bested and killed both MUTO's while U.S Navy Lieutenant Ford Brody destroyed the MUTO's nest and moved the nuclear warhead safely out of the city. The next morning, Godzilla awoke from his slumber and went back to the ocean, as the media dubbed hi, the "King of the Monsters" and speculated on whether he might be a savior.

Post Attacks of 2014[]

With the attacks now publicized across the media, the world became ware that giant monsters were indeed real. The attacks were memorialized and the public and governments alike called for the extermination of the Titans to prevent another devastating attacks from occurring. Monarch's existence also became public knowledge as well. Monarch also subsequently expanded and made the discovery of a creature they dubbed Monster Zero in Antarctica in 2016.

Attacks of 2019[]

Five years after the 2014 attacks, Godzilla remained off the grid and Monarch was on the verge of the falling under military jurisdiction. At the same time, Monarch palentbiologist Emma Russell and her daughter Madison Russell were taken hostage after an eco-terrorist group led by former British Army colonel Alan Jonah attacked the facility containing Mothra. After Monarch recruited former member Mark Russell, they ventured to Antarctica where they realized that Jonah was intending to awaken Monster Zero. When Mark attempted to bring Emma and Madison with him, Emma instead detonated the explosive charges before she and Madison left with Jonah and his men, leaving Monarch at the mercy of the now reawakened Monster Zero. However, the remaining team were saved by Godzilla who briefly confronted Monster Zero before the latter fled.

It is soon revealed that Emma had been working with Jonah and his group all along. Soon after, Emma contacts Monarch from a bunker in Boston and argues that the Titans has to be awakened to heal the Earth from the negative impacts caused by humanity. Despite Monarch accusing Emma of losing her mind and gambling with the lives of billions, she goes along with her plan and advises the Monarch members to find prepare for the mass awakening. She then awakens Rodan from his containment site on Isla de Mara.