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Destroy All Monsters (2030)
[[Image:Destroy all Monsters (2030) poster.jpg|Template:Px|]]
Universe MonsterVerse
Directed by J.A Bayona
Produced by Micheal Ford
Written by Glen Keane
Screenplay by Toby Kennbel
Story by Charlie Puth
Based on Destroy All Monsters (1968)
Starring Millie Bobby Brown Kyle Chandler Chris Pratt Ewan McGregor Bill Hader Tom Hanks Wallace Shawn Sandra Oh Idris Elba Micheal Rooker Seth Rogen Tiffany Haddish James Marsden Patrick Wilson
Music by Micheal Doughtery
Cinematography Tomm Morre
Editing by Sean Bean
Warner Bros Pictures
Distributed by John Lasster
Release date(s) May 27 2030

The film is just 2 hours of GodzillA