Antarctica is the most southmost continent on Earth. Outpost 32 was established there.

History Edit

In 2016, Vivienne Graham and her team discovered King Ghidorah/MonsterZero in frozen animation. The area was dubbed the "Wall of Serpents" and Monarch has established Outpost 32 to study the three headed creature.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters Edit

In 2019, Outpost 32 was attacked by an eco-terrorist group led by former British Army colonel Alan Jonah. There, they slaughtered all the guards and Monarch personnel stationed there and set several charges on the ice wall to awaken King Ghidorah.

After Monarch tracked down Jonah's location along with Emma Russell and her daughter Madison, who were abducted by Jonah, Colonel Foster ordered the team to head to Antarctica with a air squadron commanded by the USS Argo. However when the G-Team entered the facility to track down Emma and Russell, the eco-terrorists ambushed them in a tunnel and killed several of them.

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