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Alan Jonah
Basic Information
Status: Alive
Nationality: Flag of the United Kingdom.png British
Affiliation: British Army (formerly)
Profession: Eco-terrorist
MI6 agent (formerly)
Colonel (formerly)
Family Information
Played by: Charles Dance
Last appearance: Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Alan Jonah is an eco-terrorist and mercenary leader. Formerly a colonel for the British Army and MI6 agent, he sought to restore natural order by awakening the Titans by conspiring with Emma Russell, a Monarch scientist and creator of the ORCA.


Military and MI6 Career[]

Alan Jonah was a former colonel for the British Army and an MI6 agent. He served in the British military from 1990 to 2004 with tours in Bosnia and Kosovo.

Going Rogue and Eco-Terrorism[]

However, after many tours during his time in the service, he became disenchanted by humanity and went rogue, becoming an eco-terrorist obsessed with restoring the natural order.

Monarch first became aware of Jonah after he and his eco-terrorist group attempted to breach a subterranean MUTO dig site in Bosnia in 2005, resulting in him being sent to a Pakistani prison. Sometime later, he presumably escaped from his imprisonment or was freed. At some point, he further funded himself through the trafficking of Titan DNA. Afterwards, he came into contact with Emma Russell, a Monarch scientist who created a device known as the ORCA, capable of controlling Titan behavior. She secretly defected to him and his group to release the Titans and restore natural order.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters[]

In 2019, he and his eco-terrorist group attacked Outpost 61 in the Yunnan Rainforest of China. They swiftly killed much of the Monarch personnel stationed there and then proceeded to capture Emma and her daughter Madison to gain the ORCA, though they failed to capture Mothra, who fled and cocooned herself within a waterfall.

Afterwards, the group headed to Outpost 32 in Antarctica to awaken a creature designated Monster Zero. Jonah and his henchmen proceeded to execute all the personnel before ordering his accomplices to beginning filling the ice wall with explosives. Monarch was alerted to this and set journey there. While the G-Team was investigating, several of them were ambushed by Jonah's men. While Ash was killed, Emma picked up the remote before apologizing and telling Mark to flee. She pressed the button and blew up the ice barrier surrounding Monster Zero. While Monarch was left at the mercy of Monster Zero, Emma, Madison, Jonah, and his men fled in their Osprey and settled in an old Monarch bunker near Boston.

Afterwards, Emma contacted Monarch and argued that the Titans had to be awakened to heal the Earth's environments from the negative impacts caused by humanity. Once she did so, Jonah ordered her use the ORCA to awaken Rodan from his containment site on Isla de Mara. Though Madison implored Emma, Jonah frustratedly chastised Emma for sugarcoating the facts and Madison for believing them. Jonah also reminds Emma that she came to him for assistance with her plan and that they both wanted to save the world. Using the ORCA, Emma awakens Rodan, resulting in him destroying the the island's village and wiping out a squadron of military jets before briefly confronting Monster Zero before being subdued by Monster Zero. Godzilla suddenly appears and temporarily subdues Monster Zero, biting off one of his heads before almost being killed by an Oxygen Destroyer. Monster Zero remains unaffected and rengernates his head before awakening all the Titans from their dormancy.

After Monster Zero awakened of all the Titans, Emma and Jonah watched the monitors as people fled and the feed cuts of one by one. Jonah then tell her that that he thought they were going to gradually release the Titans. However, Emma responses that she is not the one doing it. After seeing Rodan bow to Monster Zero on one of the monitors, Jonah casually replies with "Long live the king" and walk away with his men.

After it os revealed that Monster Zero is actually a three headed alien dragon known as Ghidroah, Emma realizes that Ghidorah was inflict more destruction on Earth than anything humans could and believes that Monster Zero should be stopped. Jonah remains unswayed and says that the planet should be given back to the Titans. After Madison escapes the bunker with the ORCA, Jonah notices the sonar pulses being broadcasted from Fenway Park and questions Emma. When Emma realizes Madison ran away, Jonah confronts and questions Emma's loyalty to their cause and that she doesn't control the laws of nature. When Emma pulls a gun of him, Jonah remains unfazed and allows his men to let Emma go, stating that they've already accomplished their goal and there is no more use of her.

After Ghidorah's demise, Jonah and his men travel to Isla de Mara, here they were shown the severed Ghidorah head that recovered from fishermen. Seeing potential use for it, Jonah purchased the head.

Encountering Walter Simmons[]

Sometime afterwards, Jonah encountered billionaire Walter Simmons, the founder of the tech company Apex Cybernetics. For unknown reasons, Jonah sold the head to Walter, who used it for his plans to create an Anti-Titan weapon known as MechaGodzilla.